Thursday, December 22, 2011

Almost a Year Later

So this year in January I said I would be more involved with blogging about the randomness beer adventures that take place in my life. To bring all my new readers up to speed, since then I have graduated from Towson University, had my first child, and got working in my career. While all of this has been going on how many post have I made? Well NONE, nothing about beer, football, fishing, or even a butt post.

With my life taking a new form and allowing for more constructed daily life I look to dive further into blogging randomness that everyone must know about. If you have something on your mind or a cool idea of what I should blog about shoot me an email at

I plan on using this blog to let everyone know what I love about beer. Drinking, partying, making, and seeing what others think about it too. Stay tuned for more updates

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